Alphabet and Symbols Stencils


A-Z Fab Dab Do NEW alphabet stencils give a stronger bold message for your t-shirts and craft projects. Each tab measure 55mm x 55mm and are a perfect for adding quotes, slogans and names onto your designs. The pack includes A-Z ! ? @ # “ + &




 Easy to use, flexible and washable stencils. There are endless ways to use stencils – use the whole design or pick aspects of the design to repeat.  

For ideas on how to use this stencil check out our blogs.  

What’s on the stencil:   

A-Z ! ? @ # “ + &  

Size:  55mm x 55mm 


  • T-shirt designing – stand out from the crowd. 
  • Build up your collection by mixing and matching Fab Dab Do stencil templates to create a style of t-shirts that are your own unique designs. Just add to plain t-shirts or revamp your old clothes.  

 Other ways to use your alphabet and symbol stencil: 

  • Transform furniture 
  • Use on fabrics 
  • Decorate a room 
  • Paint a picture 
  • Paper crafts – make your own cards 
  • School projects  

Use with:  

  • Water based paints 
  • Acrylic paints 
  • Fabric paints 
  • Felt tips and pencils  

 How to look after your alphabet and symbol stencil:  

  • Wipe down with luke warm soapy water and lay flat to dry. They are then ready to go again.   
  • Shipped in hard back envelopes for protection.  

How they’re made?  

These unique Fab Dab Do stencil designs are designed by Splatter Make and made in the UK from ‘Grade A Mylar’. 

Add a t-shirt to your paint and a stencil to create a fab dab t-shirt! Don’t forget your stencil tape!

Additional information


75mm x 55mm


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