Arts & Crafts T-shirt Painting Parties

Our t-shirt painting parties are easy to run and take the worry and stress away from planning your party. There are instructions, guest name stickers and a party guide all included inside your parcel and every order receives a FREE alphabet set worth £15 for personalising t-shirts with names and adding slogans! Simply choose your party below. If you are new to Fab Dab Do and want advice on setting up a party we would love to hear from you, so call us or fill in your details on the Contact Us form.

Are you great with children? Enjoy arts and crafts and available at the weekends? We are planning on offering party hosts to run Fab Dab Do parties across the UK. Does this sound like you, or someone you know? We would love to have a chat, please send us a message on the contact form!

FabTastic Gold

This luxury party comes with 6 Fab Dab Do t-shirt painting boxes for your party guests and inside each kit there are 2 stencils and 4 paints which match their design. If you have more friends to invite just add additional boxes.

Have fun deciding on what themes each of your friends would love to paint, maybe it’s all the same or different for everyone. This ultimate party package means that your friends all get to take their t-shirt and their craft box home, which is a big generous WOW!

We know kids love to personalise, so you also get the A-Z stencils FREE (worth £15) for adding names and slogans to the t-shirt designs.

FabberDo Silver

This party option comes with 8 kit bags and is a good option for larger parties. Just add on more kit bags if you have more people coming to the party. Inside each bag there is 1 stencil that you can choose for each of your friends.

We also hand-pick 5 additional colours to add to your order so you have a range of paints to share around the table. You can add more stencils and bags to your order.

You also receive the A-Z stencils FREE (worth £15) for adding on names and slogans to the t-shirts because we know children love to personalise.

Fab Bronze

This party is perfect for big parties with lots of children, youth and school groups. Choose 10 stencils from our range and you receive 15 paint colours and everything else that would be inside a kit box/bag but we DO NOT supply the t-shirts.

This is perfect for groups of children where everyone shares what’s on the table. If you need more stencils just pop into the ‘Add On’ tab to increase your order. If you want to include t-shirts then visit our shop and add to your order.

The FREE A-Z stencils (worth £15) are brilliant for adding names and slogans to their designs.

This FABulous party activity gets children using stencils and paint dabbers to create their own designs on a t-shirt which they can wear time and time again! 

Good news! There is minimal mess using the paint dabbers in this easy to run activity, and the children all go home with either a designed t-shirt and a kit box, kit bag or t-shirt depending on your party choice level.

Just flick through our party book and discover the different t-shirt themes you can choose from: either choose the same design for all the kits so everyone matches or pick and choose the best theme for each friends personality.