Fairy Angel Wings


Paint and draw smiling cows, grunting pigs, clucking chickens, a noisy cockerel cock-a-doodle-doo’ing with bleating goats and lambs all on this delightful animal template stencil. cockerel


Add some wings to your design and let it take flight! This stencil is ideal for drawing, t-shirt painting and craft project. There are endless ways to use stencils – use the whole design or pick aspects of the design to repeat.

This stencil works as a brilliant add-on to our themed t-shirt themed boxes and bag.  Add wings to the back of the Day of the Dead t-shirt for a festival look, or turn the Wild Horse design into Pegasus the mythical horse and how about an Orangutan with wings? – Why not! Just have some fun.

Having a party? You can also make DIY fairy party invitations, bunting, party door signs, party bags and posters.

For ideas on how to use this stencil check out our blogs.


180mm x 250mm


  • T-shirt designing – stand out from the crowd.
  • Build up your collection by mixing and matching Fab Dab Do stencil templates to create a style of t-shirts that are your own unique designs. Just add to plain t-shirts or revamp your old clothes.

 Other ways to use your Fairy Angel Wing stencil:

  • Transform furniture
  • Use on fabrics
  • Decorate a room
  • Paint a picture
  • Paper crafts – make your own cards
  • School projects

Use with:

  • Water based paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Fabric paints
  • Felt tips and pencils

 How to look after your Fairy Wing stencil:

  • Wipe down with luke warm soapy water and lay flat to dry. They are then ready to go again.
  • Shipped in hard back envelopes for protection.

How they’re made?

These unique Fab Dab Do stencil designs are designed by Splatter Make and made in the UK from ‘Grade A Mylar’.

Add a t-shirt to your paint and a stencil to create a fab dab t-shirt! Don’t forget your stencil tape!

Additional information


1-2yrs (chest size 24"), 3-4yrs (26" chest), 5-6yrs (chest size 28”), 7-8yrs (chest size 30”), 9-11yrs (chest size 32”), 12-13yrs (chest size 34”)

Top Type

Long sleeve t-shirt, Short sleeve t-shirt


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