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Low-tack craft tape for sticking stencils onto fabric

Fab Dab Do stencil tape is a low tack tape which is ideal for hold stencil in place and is easy to tear for children. This craft tape simply peels off the stenci and you can use the same piece over again.

It helps to create grid lines and marks off areas you do not want to paint. Use it with fabric paints, spray paints and it also sticks to a wide variety of surfaces.

This style of tape is also known as Washi Tape and is ideal to decorate your note books, scrap books and pretty to wrap up gifts. It’s perfect for sticking pictures to the walls, without peeling off the paint or leaving a sticky mess behind.
You can also this craft tape for Tape Art – a linear style of art that looks good as pictures and on card decoration.
5 metres length x 15mm width and is easy to tear for children.


Neon Orange Stencil Tape
5 metres length x 15mm

How to Use

Use your Fab Dab Do stencil tape to hold your stencils in place. Simply tear off a piece of the tape for each corner and stick to the stencil and the fabric. This will keep it still for you. Add more tape if it wiggles. Alternively tape over small areas that you want to protect from being painted. One piece of tape can be used more than once and that means you don’t waste your precious craft tape.

There’s no need to use drawing pins or blue tack on your walls, this low tack tape is a funky way of hanging up the artistic paper creations your children proudly present to you.



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