Travel to outer space or under the sea with our stencils perfect for home schooling

The stencils are great for all kinds of art and craft projects, from decorating a poem to designing a poster, and work well with felt pens or colouring pencils alongside our fabric paint dabbers. We’re sharing a few ideas below, and check out our social feeds for more suggestions and projects over the next few weeks.


Whether you’re learning about the solar system, galaxies and the planets, or writing an adventure story on a mission to Mars, these two space-themed stencils offer some great inspiration for making diagrams, posters, or even creating a simple hanging mobile. We’re sure Professor Brian Cox would give this a thumbs up!
Space Adventure stencil
Galaxy Space stencil


The underwater world is always a fascinating theme for children, and our stencils offer lots of marine animal and plant images to create diagrams on ocean habitats, sea life art projects, collages or make your own colouring-in pages for the younger ones.
Ocean Scene stencil
Under the Sea stencil

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