Stencil themes: Tropical Rainforest/Jungle

Our Rainforest and Jungle-themed stencils are perfect for t-shirts, crafting and school projects. Choose from our main animal characters – Sloth, Orangutan and Flamingo, or our Jungle stencil which includes lots of smaller safari animals. Leaves, bamboo, flowers and branches create extra foliage for building up pictures and patterns, while butterflies, dragonflies, lizards and toucans can be added in the trees, fluttering in the sky or scurrying across the sleeves!


Our lazy Sloth stencil can be moved around to make him look like he’s climbing up a tree or hanging upside down from a branch (asleep, probably!). Use the black pen to add a funny expression and fur, or create texture by dabbing the paint in dots. There is also a little lizard on the stencil who can be found scurrying across the t-shirt and leaving footprints everywhere!

Sloth t-shirt paint starter kit

Sloth t-shirt paint craft paint box

Sloth stencil

Tropical Jungle stencil 


Our fun Orangutan character swings happily from his branch – although you could make him hang from whatever you like – use our fabric pens to add vines, or turn the branch into a tree, a fence or even a snake! There are lots of lovely plants, leaves and flowers to create a really lush rainforest feel, and the toucan adds a touch of black amongst the greenery. Try creating a necklace effect with the leaves and flowers, or just print down the sleeves for a unique design.

Orangutan t-shirt paint craft box

Orangutan stencil

Rainforest and Jungle stencil 



Our fabulous Flamingo looks perfect in pink, or mix with the blue for a purple tie-dye effect. Flip the stencil over to have two facing each other, or play with the dragonflies to create borders, repeat patterns or circle motifs. Clouds, leaves, heart flowers, fish and a radiant sun add to the tropical feel, or why not add our hibiscus flower stencil and create a bold backdrop.

Flamingo t-shirt print starter kit

Flamingo t-shirt print craft box

Flamingo stencil

Lagoon Water stencil

Hibiscus stencil 


Our Jungle stencil features four animals along with leaves, tree branches and a bright sun motif for a really wild t-shirt design. Pick your favourite animal and print it all across the t-shirt, or make a picture of them in their natural habitat. This stencil is great for making cards, posters or for school projects, as the animals are smaller and perfect for illustrating work.

Animals in the Jungle t-shirt printing craft box

Jungle stencil