Stencil themes: Space

Our Space stencils are filled with planets, stars, rockets and an astronaut. Great for gifts, school projects, play dates and parties, here we’re giving you a few ideas of how to use the stencils to make different designs, as well as a bit of crafting too.

  • Create a story across your t-shirt, mixing colours to create marbled and faded effects, and using the black fabric pen to add detail.
  • Pick a motif and repeat it across the tee for space-themed stripes.
  • Don’t forget the back! Flip over the tee and print some more.
  • You could do another picture or perhaps a single image. We’ve drawn a constellation using the stars and black pen.
  • Make a statement with just one colour! Our Space starter kits contains our galactic purple paint dabber which is a great unisex hue, and makes a real impact on our white t-shirts. Add details with the black fabric pen. 
  • Create your own slogan t-shirt. We’ve hand-written a message using the black fabric pen that comes with all of our kits – although we do sell alphabet stencils if you’re not so confident doing it freehand. We’ve overlapped colours slightly on the stars to create a shining glow, and created a mottled effect on the UFO by mixing colours straight on the fabric.

Get crafty and make your own hanging mobile with card, a paper straw and string. And how about creating a magical scene at bedtime by shining a torch through the stencil and projecting the space images onto the wall.