Stencil themes: Robot

Our large Robot character is a great size to draw over with the black pen and add buttons, patterns and switches to his body, while the body shapes can also be turned into lots of other things with a little imagination! Great for gifts, school projects, play dates and parties, here we’re giving you a few ideas of how to use the stencils to make different designs, as well as a bit of crafting too.

  • The Robot t-shirt painting craft box includes our Space Adventure stencil, to create your own futuristic design.
  • Print the robot on its own for a graphic motif in the centre of the tee – a single colour looks great.
  • Use the black fabric pen to add funny expressions and vertical lines under its feet to look like it’s zooming off into space.
  • Our ‘Design Tips’ booklet provides lots of ideas to create patterns, movement, expressions, and textures using the black fabric pen.
  • Think about different ways to use the stencil shapes to make something new. We created the robot sausage dog from different sections of the robot – can you work out how we did it?