Schools and Education

Dragon Stencil T-Shirt

Themes tailored to the curriculum

Fab Dab Do understand the importance of making curriculum topics accessible to all children.  We believe our wide range of stencil themes can help compliment and enhance the learning experience in a verity of subjects from ‘Space’ to ‘The Rainforest’ or they can act as an excellent addition to “world book week” or “children’s art week”.

Bringing imagination to life

Our stencils spark children’s imagination into life and encourage them to create characters and stories and give them a fun way to explore creativity with amazing results.  Our products breakdown the barriers of “I’m not good at art” to “wow, I did that”.

We constantly grow our range so that schools can continue to add to their collection and we love to hear suggestions from our customers about different themes they would like us to cover.

25% Off for schools and nurseries

If you are a school, academy, learning centre, nursery or similiar we offer 25% discount. Complete the form below and we will be in touch.