Thelwell Pony T-shirt Painting Box


The iconic and well loved Thelwell ponies have over the years given much entertainment and amusement to readers and the horse world.  2023 is the 100th anniversary year and we are excited to add the Thelwell pony to our t-shirt painting boxes collection.

Go Natural or Go Bright with your T-shirt Paint Colours

With 4 stencils in this special edition box, choose between either the Original/Natural colour palette or “Go Bright” with vibrant paints to create a funky t-shirt where no colour rules apply!


The iconic and well loved Thelwell ponies, have over the years given much entertainment and amusement to book readers and the horse world.  With 2023 being the 100th anniversary year, we are excited to add the Thelwell pony to our collection of t-shirt painting boxes.


Choose Your Paint Colours In The Box – you decide!

Go Natural paints
4 x 29ml Paint Dabbers: Brown, Fluorescent Green, Terracotta Orange, Gold

OR Go Bright
4 x 29ml Paint Dabbers: Fluorescent Blue, Pink, Yellow, Chilli Red

OR Change your paint colours to match your horse by building your own box

Also in the box:

  • 4 x Stencils Thelwell Pony Head and logo, Rider, Pony Trotting, Front and Back of the Pony
  • 1 x T-Shirt
  • 1 x Black Fabric Pen
  • 1 x Thelwell Designer Note Booklet full of drawing inspiration
  • 1 x Stencil Tape

This special edition includes 4 stencils which captures the fun and antics around cheeky ponies who invariably seemed to be bucking off young riders and showing their stubborn personalities at the stables.

Enjoy creating your own naughty Shetland Pony story lines when designing and painting your Thelwell inspired t-shirts. Make it, wear it and show the world your forever love for Thelwell.

A child or adult will be thrilled to find everything they need to design and paint their very own t-shirts. Enjoy some giggles when deciding if your rider is in the saddle, off the saddle or somewhere in-between.  The 4 stencils will provide an abundance of design ideas and there’s plenty of paint inside the dabbers so you can paint many DIY pony t-shirts.

The t-shirt painting craft box includes a “Thelwell Designer Notebook” which gives tips and nifty ideas to elevate your design inspired by the artist Norman Thelwell.

No mess. No stress!

There’s no need to worry about craft chaos with these kits, as the clever dabber tops create minimal mess and paint waste.

The gift that keeps on giving.

One box can go a long way, just add extra t-shirts to share the activity with friends.

 Other ways to use your Thelwell stencils:

  • Transform furniture
  • Use on fabrics
  • Decorate a room
  • Paint a picture
  • Paper crafts – make your own cards and bunting

Personalise this t-shirt

Add an alphabet set for fun slogans, pony club messages and customisation. It’s your t-shirt so horse around and have some fun.

How does the design stay on the t-shirt?

Use a hot iron on the design to seal it and make the paint permanent. Hand wash the finished t-shirts at 30 degrees. Send back your Dabber bottles to us! We will give them a little service by washing them, adding new dabber tops, and reusing them for our next customers.

Add your name or fun slogans to your t-shirt with our Alphabet and Symbols stencil.


Contains small parts, not suitable for children under 36 months. Adult supervision may be required. Choking hazard. If paint comes into contact with eyes immediately wash out with water. Iron to be used by adults only. Paints can stain, protect clothing and surfaces.

Add more paints to your kit or more t-shirts to create more fab dab t-shirts!

Additional information


1-2yrs (chest size 24"), 2-3yrs (chest size 25"), 3-4yrs (26" chest), 5-6yrs (chest size 28”), 7-8yrs (chest size 30”), 9-11yrs (chest size 32”), 12-13yrs (chest size 34”), 14-15yrs (36" chest), XS (Size 8), S (Size 10), M (Size 12), L (Size 14), XL (Size 16)

Paint colours

Go Natural, Go Bright


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