Cat & Bat Halloween Stencil


This creepy fabric stencil features a curious cat, a vampire bat, a midnight moon and plenty of twinkling stars – perfect for Halloween. You can create some cool designs whether it’s a spooky night’s sky, or a fearful feline friend.

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Cat & Bat Stencil for arts and crafts 

  • Mix and match Fab Dab Do stencil templates to create fun and amazing t-shirt designs that children and adults will love to wear.
  • Use the whole stencil design and create a scene or pick just a small aspect of the design and do a simple repeat pattern. There are endless ways to create a look that is unique to you!
  • And when you’ve finished painting with them just give them a quick wipe down with luke warm soapy water and lay them flat in a box. They are then ready to go again. Why not try papercraft, drawing around them on paper and cutting them out and scrap booking?

These unique Fab Dab Do stencil designs are designed by Splatter Make and made in the UK from ‘Grade A Mylar’.

Stencil Design: Cat, Bat, Fish, Planet, Stars

Dimensions: 180mm x 250mm


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