Graffiti Alphabet T-shirt Painting Craft Box


Do you love the cool, creative and rebellious look of graffiti? Now you can design your very own graffiti style clothing with this children’s t-shirt painting kit. With A-Z stencils in the iconic graffiti style lettering – you can design slogans, phrases and TAG names for your t-shirt.


Now you can design your very own Tag style graffiti clothing with these specially created stencil.   Design your Tag names, slogans and messages onto t-shirt with this t-shirt painting kit. This box is a real hit with the tween and above age group.


Choose Your Paint Colours In The Box – you decide!

Go Original paints
4 x 29ml Paint Dabbers: Black, Forest Green, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Pink

OR Go Bright
4 x 29ml Paint Dabbers: Fluorescent Blue, Pink, Yellow, Chilli Red

OR Change your paint colours to match your style by building your own box

Also in the box:

  • A-Z lettering stencils
  • 1 x T-Shirt
  • 1 x Black Fabric Pen
  • 1 x A-Z Booklet full of drawing techniques
  • 1 x Stencil Tape

With A-Z stencils in the iconic graffiti style lettering – you can design slogans, phrases and TAG names for your t-shirt. Don’t forget you can add more paint colours and stencils from our shop.

Painting with stencils creates lots of designs, some with bright and bold colours and others dark and mysterious. Either way, the paint stays on their t-shirt and not on the table tops!

Funky Graffiti Designs

The fabric paint comes in an easy-to-use bottle with a dabber top, making them super simple to pack away and reuse without making any mess.

This children’s t-shirt painting kit is particularly popular with the 9yrs+ crowd. Do some graffiti research beforehand and be inspired by the world’s coolest street artists, while learning about the creativity behind graffiti as well.

How does the graffiti design stay on the t-shirt? 

  • Use a hot iron on the design to seal it and make the paint permanent. Hand wash the finished t-shirts at 30 degrees. Dabber bottles can be sent back to us. We will give them a little MOT by washing them, adding new dabber tops, and reusing them for our next customers.
  • Add more paints to your kit or more t-shirts to create more fab dab t-shirts!

Additional information


1-2yrs (chest size 24"), 2-3yrs (chest size 25"), 3-4yrs (chest size 26"), 5-6yrs (chest size 28”), 7-8yrs (chest size 30”), 9-11yrs (chest size 32”), 12-13yrs (chest size 34”), 14-15yrs (36" chest)

Paint Colour

Go bright, Go natural


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