Build Your T-Shirt Painting Box

From: £28.50

Create the box that’s right for you.

This is great option if you enjoy having a more personal shopping experience! Pick and choose what goes into your box to create a unique kit to match the style, colour range and creative ideas.  It’s the perfect arts and crafts present.

Follow the step by step process below to build your custom box.


Here’s what to do…

  • The kit comes with a t-shirt but you can change this to a long sleeve t-shirt or a hoodie by topping up and paying a bit extra

Choose the size required.

Click Stencil to move forward

  • 2 stencils go into the box, select Stencil 1 and then Stencil 2

Click Paint 1 to move forward

  • 4 paints go into the box, select Paint 1 and you will be prompt to continue to pick Paint 2, Paint 3, Paint 4
  • Lastly Review to make sure you are happy with your selection.

The kit includes tape, a fabric pen and a notebook.

If you would like to add more colours, stencils, fabric paints, garments pop over to the Shop and browse what else could be included.


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