Pick and Mix

Pick and Mix – if you like to make your own choices with different stencils and paint dabbers and work within your budget then we suggest you visit our shop and buy the bits you need for the party.  

Picking and choosing from our shop gives you total control of what you receive and is ideal for the children to share stencils and paints t-shirt, they will all have the same experience as the other options and go home with an amazing t-shirt.  We will include the Invitations, Design Tip Booklets, Instructions Sheets and Party Game. Just let us know how many people are coming to the party when you get to the shopping cart page.  

You will need:

  • Stencils
  • T-shirt for each child
  • Fabric Paints Dabbers
  • Stencil Tape
  • Black Fabric Pens 
  • Fluorescent and Glitter Fabric Pens – optional

NB. There will be no kit boxes or kit bags included with this option