We offer two types of T-shirt painting parties so that you can choose the option that best fits your party size and budget. All the t-shirt parties will receive invitations to send out to the guests and a fun Party Game with cards and instructions. We will also send you helpful tips and a video link for demonstrating how to create the t-shirts to ensure the process of preparing the party is smooth and super easy.

Next steps

Once you have decided on either the Kit Box or Kit Bag t-shirt party options we take a small deposit of £25 and pop your invitations in the post to you.  After you have sent the invitations out and you know who is coming, just let us know the theme choice and size of t-shirts for each guest.  Everything will be sent out to you when the balance payment is received.

We want your party to be great, so if you would like to chat through please let us know when you are able to talk and we can answer all your questions.  If we miss your call, sometimes we are pumping paint or making up our handmade bits in the workshop, we promise to call you back.  

Option 1 : Everyone Gets A T-shirt Party Kit Boxes

Each child at the party gets their own fully kitted out Fab Dab Do box.  You can either let the children choose which themes they would individually like, or alternatively keep it simpler by sticking with one character such as “Space” t-shirt party or a “Flamingo” party. 

Inside their T-shirt Printing kit box each child will each get everything they need to make a t-shirt at your party, plus an amazing box to take home with them so they can continue the fun by creating more t-shirts and paper craft ideas.  No need for a party bag, just add a slab of cake as the kit box is an amazing party ‘take home’!

Each Box includes:

  • 2 stencils
  • 4 Fab Dabber paint colours
  • Black fabric pen
  • Stencil Tape
  • T-shirt
  • Instructions sheet
  • Designers Drawing Tips Booklet

Party Kit Boxes £130 plus P&P – you receive six individual boxes for the price of five.

Option 2 : Everyone Gets a T-shirt Party Kit Bags

Instead of a box, each child gets a hand printed paper kit bag containing all the goodies for making their t-shirt.  They can all choose their own individual theme/character or you could choose the same one for all of them to keep it simpler.  The bags come with name tags and all packaged inside one large box with a handle, so it’s easy for you to carry.

Within the bags for this option, each child has one stencil and one colour paint dabber which creates a mono-print design.   Our handy Tips booklet included in the bags gives them some niffy ideas for things they can do with their stencil, such as repeat patterns and how to use the black fabric pen to add all sorts of fun finishes to their characters.

Inside the bag they will each get everything they need to make a t-shirt, and when the party has finished they leave with a starter kit to keep designing and upcycling clothes at home. No additional party bag is required – just a slab of cake as their T-shirt is the showstopper!

Each Party Kit Bag includes:

  • 1 stencil
  • 1 Fab Dabber paint colour
  • Black fabric pen
  • Stencil Tape
  • T-shirt
  • Instruction sheet
  • Designers Drawing Tips Booklet

Party Kit Bags £84 plus P&P – you receive six individual party kit bags.