Our Eco Values

At Fab Dab Do, we love things that have more than one purpose, and our stencil kits offer so much more than just printing a t-shirt – they are designed for longevity and can be used for all kinds of craft activities – making them a really affordable and multi-functional product.


The stencils are made from durable Mylar-grade plastic which can be wiped clean and used again and again. They are ideal for using on both fabric and paper, which means that you can decorate all kinds of surfaces in the theme of your choice.

Use our fabric paint dabbers and fabric pens to upcycle old tees, tote bags or pillowcases, or with felt tips/colouring pencils on paper to make greetings cards, posters, party bunting or for school projects. You can even shine a torch through them and create amazing shadows on the wall! 

Paint Dabbers

Our unique paint bottles have squeezy sides and a sponge ‘dabber’ which allow children to paint freely with little mess to clean up afterwards and minimal paint wasted. They also learn about mixing colours through over-dabbing and layering on the fabric, and the sponge top can be wiped clean ready to use again.

The bottles can be sent back to us when they are empty, where we clean them out and re-fill with paint ready for a new order. 


Our stencil kits are thoughtfully packaged into sturdy cardboard boxes, complete with card insert – so no unnecessary plastic. The boxes are printed with our characters and designs in black ink, so they can be coloured in and personalised, to store your art materials, toys, or little treasures found on the beach or the woods.

A paper Handy Tips booklet gives you lots of ideas for adding detail and techniques, and even the roll of orange paper washi tape has lots more uses than just holding down your stencils! 


Our recently-launched party range has also been designed with less waste and longevity in mind. We offer either the full kit boxes or our new hand-printed paper party bags, which contain all the essentials for t-shirt printing as well as a card name tag to personalise for each child.

The party order arrives in a large easy-to-carry cardboard box and we have added in our very own Fab Dab Do party game, printed on thick paper for you to cut out the cards at home. These can be recycled – but we think they’re great to keep for all kinds of birthdays, playdates, zoom calls and even a fun wet weekend activity.

Our party kit bags double up as fantastic party bags, with enough paint and equipment to do loads more craft projects at home….just add a slice of cake!

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