Nature inspired stencils

The stencils, including woodland, dinosaurs, rainforest and jungle themes, are great for all kinds of art and craft projects, from decorating a poem to designing a poster, and work well with felt pens or colouring pencils alongside our fabric paint dabbers. 


This super cute stencil is great for helping illustrate topics about seasons or woodland habitats, with a collection of animals and plants to decorate posters or written work, make cards for friends or even create your own ‘spotting sheet’ to take out on your daily walk.
Woodland stencil 


Combining three of of the most well-known and well-loved dinosaurs (well in our opinion!), this stencil is a great addition to the topic for creating posters, fact files, collages and illustrating stories on prehistoric times. How about creating mysterious silhouettes using black pen to lay over a lava-covered back-drop.
Dinosaur stencil


We have four stencils that broadly cover the themes of rainforests and jungles, and offer a selection of plants and animals to create bright, tropical pictures or perhaps design colourful borders around a piece of writing. Use them for illustrating food chains or animal fact files, mapping out the four layers of the rainforest, exploring camouflage, or cutting them out of card and building a 3D habitat.
Rainforest and Jungle stencil 
Tropical Jungle stencil
Butterflies and Flowers stencil 
Jungle stencil

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