Introducing our…Halloween stencils

It is tricky to know what will happen this year for Halloween. There is no doubt that things will be a little different, with more focus being on staying at home and doing things as a family, or seeing friends virtually. Our stencil kits are a great indoor activity for all the family to enjoy and to keep the kids busy during the chilly Autumn half term. Whether you are hosting a themed sleepover, a virtual get-together, or holding your own mini dress-up parade, our portable activity kits provide everything you need for spooky crafting.

The kits come with a stencil, white t-shirt, five paint dabbers (including the all-important midnight black!) and a black fabric pen. Our Halloween t-shirts are a perfect nod to the season if fancy dress isn’t your child’s thing. Or you can vamp it up with ALL the accessories, for a totally unique and quirky costume. We are really excited to show you our new range of Halloween-inspired stencils, designed in-house by us, and featuring four different themes to chose from.

Skeleton Bones is a fun collection of skeletons and bones that can be made into all different creatures using a little imagination. The stencil features a lizard and rat skeleton, as well as a dis-jointed human skeleton and extra heads. Inspiration came from x-rays, gummy teeth, museum collections, silhouettes, mini monsters and also the brilliant FunnyBones TV characters created by Allan Ahlberg.

Spells and Potions takes inspiration from a dusty cellar, where a young witch or wizard would create their magical spells. There is a bubbling cauldron with two potion bottles full of witches brew, a raggedy hat and broomstick, a creepy crawly spider hanging from a web and a little mouse. Lots of traditional Halloween motifs to create your own spooky picture.

Day of the Dead focuses on a large skull image, that can be left plain and simple, or dressed-up for a bright and colourful Mexican vibe. Inspired by the Day of the Dead celebrations, Frida Kahlo flower crowns and the Disney film Coco, we have included flower, heart, ribbon and bunting motifs to decorate the skull however you like for a really personal and unique design.

Cat and Bat features silhouettes of nocturnal animals lit up by the bright full moon for a mysterious midnight scene. The witch’s cat takes centre stage with its crescent-shaped collar, while a vampire bat flies amongst the twinkling stars, and fishbones litter the floor. 

Check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration and spooky images, and look out for more blog posts over the next couple of weeks where we will share other exciting ways to use your stencils to make costume accessories, table and room decorations, crafts, and even moveable puppets!