Have a Fab Dab Do Party


Our children’s t-shirt painting kits are a great activity idea for socially distanced birthdays, sleepovers, rainy afternoons with friends – or even virtual parties.

The fabric stencil kit comes with everything you need to design your very own t-shirts, so all you have to do is choose a stencil design and kit everyone out with their own set.

With plenty of fabric paint included, you’ll have some left to use again another time, and the dabber tops ensure there won’t be any mess to clear up!

You’ll be fully kitted out for hours of entertainment.

Our Fab Dab Do Parties have been a huge success with so many of our customers. After the fabric painting fun is finished, everyone has a beautiful and unique t-shirt to take home as a souvenir from the party – a great alternative to a party bag!

What’s included in the fabric stencil kit?

1 x t-shirt
2 x stencils
4 x 29ml fabric paint dabbers
1 x black fabric pen
1 x design ideas note book
Stencil tape to keep everything in place


Parties are looking a little bit different at the moment, and the more traditional party games and activities might not be suitable for you right now.

That’s what makes Fab Dab Do Parties so great. With each child working on their own t-shirt painting kit, it’s easy to spend time together and have fun whilst still staying a safe distance away from each other and minimising any cross-contamination.

You can choose whether you’d like a socially distanced party, with all your guests gathered in the same garden or home together – or a virtual party, where you can all design your t-shirts in your own homes whilst on video call to the other guests.

It’s up to you and the other guests as to which option you’re more comfortable with, and these fabric stencil kits for kids can be easily adapted either way.


Step 1. Have a chat with the other guests and decide whether you would prefer a socially distanced or a virtual Fab Dab Do Party.

Step 2. It’s time to choose your stencil set characters. Will everyone have the same arts and crafts stencil, or will you choose different ones for different personalities? We have a huge range to choose from, so it’s totally up to you!

Step 3. Fill in the form below with your contact details and we’ll reserve your children’s t-shirt painting kits for you. One of our team will be in touch soon to organise your Fab Dab Do Party and take a £25 deposit.


Step 1. We will provide you with party invitations to match your chosen fabric stencil kits. We’ve even stuck a stamp on to make it easier for you to post out, so all you need to do is fill them in and pop them in the letterbox.

Step 2. Once your guests have RSVP’d, we’ll get in touch to check t-shirt sizes and any last minute changes.

Step 3. If you’ve opted for a socially distanced party, we’ll send your boxes directly to you. If you’re hosting a virtual party, we’ll get the fabric stencil kits sent out to each guest.

Step 4. Before the fun begins, we’ll send you helpful links to our “How to Fab Dab Do” videos which you can share with other parents to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

Step 5. Enjoy your Fab Dab Do Party!

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