Have a Fab Dab Tag Graffiti Party

Kids love the creative, bold and rebellious style of graffiti art.

Our children’s t-shirt painting graffiti party kits are a great activity idea for socially distanced birthdays, sleepovers, rainy afternoons and hanging out with friends and family.

The starter box is set up for 6 people and comes with everything you need to create TAG names, slogans and quirky messages on t-shirts. 

How Does The Party Work?

To get the party going start off with laying out the letters and numbers on the table for the group to play around with creating fun names.  When it comes to getting down to business, we recommend these names are kept short and edgy with some meaning – could be an abbreviation like JAK instead of Jack, a nickname, someone’s initials or a word they like to say. Of course, this is down to the artist and that’s why each child gets a designer note book because it’s always best to work on some ideas before you get going with the t-shirt paint.

There are 5 more stencils included in the box to help build a design around the TAG word, stick with one look by dabbing and repeating the same stencil or use all of them to create a busier style.  To add more variety and build up a personal collection, have a good look through our shop as you might want to add additional stencils.  

With 10 great fabric paint colours there’s enough to share around and the instruction sheet explains exactly how to use the stencils and paint.  The paint dabbers are fun to use, economical as you only use what you need (no paint is washed down the sink) and mess is minimal.  There are 6 black fabric pens that are perfect for small details and tidying up jagged edges of lettering and the stencil tape is to stop everything wobbling around.

We searched high and low for the best fabric pens for creating the “Wow” look to finish off the t-shirt designs and we highly recommend the amazing neon and glitter fabric pens to complete the set.  These will take the t-shirt printing to the next level like a 3D finish or additional detail for an impactful look.  The kids and adults love to use them to finish off their designs.   

So, what’s left to do?  Order your kit, invite your guests, set your table up and let the fun commence!

Inside the box you will find.

  • Graffiti Alphabet A-Z, 0-9 numbers
  • Cobble Stencil
  • Leopard Print Stencil
  • Butterfly Stencil
  • Cogs and Wheels Stencil
  • Planets and Stars Stencil
  • 6 t-shirt – size required
  • 6 Designer Note Books
  • 6 Black Fabric Pens
  • 6 Stencil Tapes
  • 10 fabric dabbing paints

Price: £100
With 6 Glitter and 6 Neon Fabric Paints £130.00 (save £5.00)