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Creativity and Crafts Award

BlogOn UK Toy Awards Manchester 2024

1st – Creativity and Crafts!  

2nd  Creativity and Crafts – Kids Choice!

3rd   Educational – Kids Choice!

We are very pleased to announce that Our Llama kit won across an array of categories at the  BlogOn UK Influencers show in Manchester. We want to thank all the amazing parents, carers and children that voted for us at the  event last week and the energetic influencers who attended.  What’s really important to us and made this event super special was that it was the heartbeat of our target audience and they voted for us – so fab!  It was a day where families watched, and wandered with their children, who had the opportunity to get hands-on, trying things they may never consider if the product was just sitting on a shelf in a shop. 

The enthusiastic families get the chance to have up close fun and thank goodness myself and my team can match those high energy levels – which is the reason we work in the children’s market, we love to see the engagement and the Wow’s!

This is a level playing ground where small independent creative companies doing something different ,get a chance against the big boys who have big pockets for advertising, marketing and distribution.

So once again, a huge thank you and well done to all the winners in the other categories and we look forward to seeing more families at the event in November down South!