Easter Papercrafting

Fancy making your own DIY egg hunt trail? Using the Woodland stencil again, we have made a set of fun and bright number markers and signs that you can use in the garden or local park to give children clues on where the eggs are hidden. Colour in the animals using our dabbers or felt tip pens, and then tape the cardboard shapes to plastic plant labels (or you could use sticks) and add numbers inn black pen. We gave the rabbits a pom pom tail for extra cuteness! 

We also made some signs by cutting out egg and arrow shapes from card and decorating with some of our pattern stencils. Attach arrows with split pins and you can change the direction they point depending on which way you want the hunt to go! 

If you’re looking for an activity without chocolate, have a go at painting pebbles, hide them in the garden or around the house and get the kids to search for them all.