Developing our brand for the future

“We believe everyone has creativity….the fun is finding it”.

Hello, and welcome to our first blog post.

We create stencil and fabric paint kits for kids. Developed from years of experience running kids workshops and craft parties through our Splatter Make brand, our Fab Dab Do stencil kits have been thoughtfully designed to offer long-lasting and reusable products that help bring out children’s natural ability for storytelling and imaginative play.

This year, we are moving away from Splatter Make as it was previously known, and concentrating on Fab Dab Do, which we feel so passionate about. It has been a big decision, but we are strongly behind the brand and its place within the children’s craft market. The challenges of 2020 have also given us confidence that our product can meet growing customer demands for simple crafts that can be enjoyed by the whole family at home. The growth in online gifting, and increase in virtual or socially-distanced parties also tick all the boxes for our portable craft activity kits.

We love how our stencil kits allow all children to create something they are proud of, and develop their confidence around crafts. The simplicity of the stencils create a wow factor when the designs are revealed, and each t-shirt is as individual as the child themselves.