Designing your own slogan t-shirts

Our alphabet and number stencils are great for personalising your t-shirts with funny messages, quotes or names/nicknames, or maybe you want to celebrate a mama-to-be/new baby, birthdays, special occasions or perhaps make a matching set for family or friends.

These stencils work with our fabric paint dabbers or our sets of neon or glitter fabric pens which can be used to draw, write or colour in your designs. You can also use them on paper to make cards, party invitations, banners or posters using colouring pencils or felt tip pens.

We’ve recently designed some slogan t-shirts for Mother’s Day using our neon fabric pens, paint dabbers and both our upper and lowercase alphabet stencils. The designs show how you can combine stencils and paint dabbers/pens to create lots of different effects and patterns.

Our ‘Best Mummy in the World’ t-shirt combines both lower and uppercase alphabet letters with the Butterflies and Flowers stencil and also some freehand leaves, dots and squiggles. We’ve only used the top half of the t-shirt, and put the lettering to one side rather than in the centre.

The ‘I love you to the moon and back’ baby grow uses the two stencils and four paint colours from our new Space stencil kit, plus the black fabric pen that is included in all of our boxes. Here, we have used hand lettering with the black pen, and over-layered some of the colours on the stars for a shadow effect.

The ‘You are my sunshine’ tee has been designed using our lowercase alphabet and our Fiesta Fun stencil – which also comes as part of the Llama stencil kit. We used four fabric paint dabbers plus the neon fabric pens to add detail. We made the circular motif by placing a plate where we wanted the shape and dotting tiny marks with our black pen. Then we used the curved bunting on the stencil to print a circular border.

Here are a few other ideas using our alphabet stencils, combined with our Jungle or Woodland stencil themes. Try printing each letter in a different colour for a rainbow effect, or create lovely ombré fading tones using two or three colours on each letter.

We also have a fabulous Graffiti alphabet stencil set which features all the letters in a stylised design inspired by street art and tags.

Enjoy making your own slogan t-shirts, and don’t forget to tag us on social media #fabdabdo_