Crafting and more: Halloween Spells and Potions

We love the simplicity of our stencils, and how they give all children the confidence and ability to create a fabulous piece of art on their t-shirt. However, sometimes you need a little guidance or inspiration, and we hope our Crafting and more series of blog posts will provide some fun and simple craft projects and tutorials to help you get the most out of your stencil kit. Our products are designed to use again and again, and with a few basic materials, you can make all kinds of things!

Spooky table display

We have taken our Spells and Potions stencil and created lots of fun ideas for you to make a themed table display for your Halloween party. Use the stencils to make cake toppers, homemade bunting, and labels for your jars of ghoulish sweets and homemade drinks.

Cake Toppers

To make cake toppers you will need:
White card
Felt pens
Washi tape
Wooden skewers/toothpicks
TOP TIP: We used both wooden toothpicks and skewers to create different heights to our toppers.

Paper bunting

To make card bunting you will need:
Orange and black card
Black felt pen
TOP TIP: Don’t forget to draw in the flap at the top of the triangle, as you need to fold it back and this holds the string which you then tape down.

Potion labels

To make potion labels you will need:
White printer labels
Felt pens
Glass/plastic jars and bottles
TOP TIP: Have fun making up ghoulish names that will make your friends say “Yuck!”

Spell book

Why not turn your notebook into a Potion and Spell book, and make up lots of fun recipes using strange and gruesome ingredients. We used the broomstick stencil to make shelves on this t-shirt, to hold all the bottles of potion that we created in our book.

We hope you have fun with your stencils, and we’d love to see your what you make. Don’t forget to tag us on social media #fabdabdo_ and if you need any help or advice with these projects, contact our craft expert at