Crafting and more: Halloween Skeleton Bones

We love the simplicity of our stencils, and how they give all children the confidence and ability to create a fabulous piece of art on their t-shirt. However, sometimes you need a little guidance or inspiration, and we hope our Crafting and more series of blog posts will provide some fun and simple craft projects and tutorials to help you get the most out of your stencil kit. Our products are designed to use again and again, and with a few basic materials, you can make all kinds of things!

Moveable skeleton puppet

For this craft project, we have used our Skeleton Bones stencil to create a cardboard skeleton puppet with moveable limbs and changeable heads!

You will need:
White card
Black felt pen
Stencil tape
Blu tac
Sharp pencil
9 x split pins

  1. Secure the stencil to your card with the tape, and colour in all the parts with a black felt pen.
  2. Draw around each limb, remembering to leave space at the top and bottom to attach the split pins.
  3. Cut out all your skeleton pieces – make sure you have all the bones!
  4. Use a ball of blu tac and a sharp pencil to make the holes for the split pins – take a closer look at the final piece to see where you need to make the holes.
  5. Attach all the pieces together with the split pins. Choose whichever head you fancy. 

Now you can make your skeleton dance! Why not try the Stop Motion app on your phone to create a mini animation. Can you guess all the Fortnite moves our skeleton is trying to do? 

Trick-or-treat bags 

How about making your own trick-or-treat bags by printing the stencils onto a white paper bag. For an extra challenge, have a go at writing your name in bone letters…’s trickier than it might look! 

We hope you have fun with your stencils, and we’d love to see your what you make. Don’t forget to tag us on social media #fabdabdo_ and if you need any help or advice with these craft projects, contact our craft expert at