Crafting and more: Halloween Cat and Bat

We love the simplicity of our stencils, and how they give all children the confidence and ability to create a fabulous piece of art on their t-shirt. However, sometimes you need a little guidance or inspiration, and we hope our Crafting and more series of blog posts will provide some fun and simple craft projects and tutorials to help you get the most out of your stencil kit. Our products are designed to use again and again, and with a few basic materials, you can make all kinds of things!

DIY costume

For this t-shirt, we looked at placement and repeat. We used fabric pens to colour in detail on the cat, printed lots of stars across the chest and sleeves in two different colours, and over-dabbed the blue and pink paint to create purple bats. 
We added a cat mask, black tutu, and velvet cape to create a fabulous and unique costume. We made a wand from a paper straw and gold card, and even used a sponge and face paints to stencil the stars onto the arm to carry on the theme!

Constellation cat

Here, we’ve over-dabbed the blue paint onto the pink to create a mottled tie-dye purple for a totally different look to the traditional black cat. Inspired by mystical powers, witchcraft, and constellations, we also created our own star pattern by dabbing single stars and linking them together with the black fabric pen. Maybe you could research your star sign and re-create it on your t-shirt.

Projection and backdrop 

How about using your stencil to create a shadowy backdrop on the wall?! Using pumpkins to hold the stencil in place, and a torch/phone for the light source, you can have an instant backdrop for your Halloween party or to spook passers by! 

We also painted a backdrop onto a large piece of paper (we used lining paper), using the bat stencil which we projected onto the paper and then drew around the shadow with a pencil. By moving the stencil closer or further away from the paper, you can change the scale of the bat to create depth and illusion. Add some mood lighting and a few candles to create a spooktacular homemade display.

We hope you have fun with your stencils, and we’d love to see your what you make. Don’t forget to tag us on social media #fabdabdo_ and if you need any help or advice with these craft projects, contact our craft expert at