Crafting and more: Christmas Baubles

We love the simplicity of our stencils, and how they give all children the confidence and ability to create a fabulous piece of art on their t-shirt. However, sometimes children need a little guidance or inspiration, and we hope our Crafting and more series of blog posts will provide some fun and simple craft projects and tutorials to help you get the most out of your stencil kit. Our products are designed to use again and again, and with a few basic materials you can make all kinds of things!

Scratch card decorations

We made some bright rainbow coloured card decorations using scratch paper bought from an art shop. The fun is not knowing what colour you will scratch off! We then cut them out, punched a hole at the top and added twine. They are great as baubles on the tree, taped to the wall or used as gift tags. 

Sewing cards

This is a simple craft project with some basic materials to make sewing cards. Printed on to a cardboard box, the bauble shapes are cut out and then punched with holes around the edge. Using a blunt plastic needle and some acrylic yarn, children can sew patterns and lines across the shape. Have a look at the final picture for different stitch ideas, and maybe add beads to the thread – we’ve added a metal bell at the bottom of the bell shape to make it jingle! 

Air dry clay baubles

We made some decorations using air dry clay, either cutting templates out of the clay, letting them dry and then dabbing the design over the top, or using a rolling pin to emboss the design straight into the clay from the stencil. Remember to add a hole at the top before letting the clay dry, so you can add ribbon for hanging. 

Split pin puppet

How about bringing the bauble characters to life by making moving puppets using card and split pins. We printed out all the different bodies, arms, legs, hats and wings onto card using the paint dabbers or felt pens. Cut each body part out separately – remember to leave some space for the pins, and then make holes by pressing a sharp pencil firmly through the card into a ball of blu-tac. You can swap the body parts and clothes around and move the limbs to make them dance! 

We hope you have fun with your stencils, and we’d love to see what you make. Don’t forget to tag us on social media #fabdabdo_ and if you need any help or advice with these projects, contact our craft expert at