Craft project: tie-dye/splatter print

We’ve seen a huge trend for tie-dye this summer and have been inspired to create our own simple (and definitely less messy) version using our fabric paint dabbers.

This method gives you more of a paint splatter effect with a lot of white showing, as we are not using water to spread the dye.

It is a lot of fun and always exciting when you open up the tee and reveal the design!

You will need:

White cotton t-shirt

Paint dabbers.

Scrunch up your t-shirt and secure with elastic bands. We chose to create a swirl effect that is often used in tie-dye – pinch the fabric in the centre of the tee, and keep turning around in one direction until all of the fabric comes together. 

Take your paint bottles and dab a colour over one area, trying to capture as much fabric on the surface as possible. We filled each segment with a different colour and let the colours bleed into each other where they meet. Do the same on the other side and leave to dry for a few minutes.

Carefully take away the elastic bands, open up your tee and see the results! We hung ours up on a coat hanger to dry fully, and then remember to iron it when dry to get rid of the creases and set the paint. We might stencil over the top of ours, or use our fabric pens to doodle over the shapes and turn them into characters or patterns.

You could also upcycle your wardrobe and try this technique over some of your old cotton t-shirts – just remember the fabric paints might not be as bright if you use coloured tees. If you have a go at this craft project, we’d love to see the results. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @fabdabdo_ or Facebook @FabDabDo