Craft project: Robot mask

This simple DIY craft activity is a great addition to our Space or Robot t-shirt printing kits – turning a simple tee into a fabulous costume, and you can decorate it however you want your character to look. A great prop to add to the dressing-up box or for parties, and made using recycled, easy-to-find everyday materials. 

You will need:

• Paper bag with deep base and handles

• Washi/stencil tape

•Scissors •Pipe cleaners



•Paint or felt pens 

  • Cut the handles off the bag with some scissors.
  • Turn the bag around so the opening is at the bottom, and draw a semi-circle on one panel.
  • Cut out the shape – remember to only cut out the front panel and check the child can see through! 
  • Stick the handles to each side of the bag using coloured washi tape or our stencil tape.
  • Use lots of stickers to decorate your mask, or use paint/felt tips if you’d prefer. Think about what colours and shapes you want to use for buttons, arrows or lights.
  • Open up the bag and make two small holes near the front of the base using scissors or a sharp pencil. 
  • Coil a pipe cleaner around your finger to make it look like an arial, then push each end gently through the holes. Use tape to secure it on the inside and stop it from being sharp.
  • Ta-da! Your robot mask is finished.
  • Of course, you could decorate the sides and the back too if you’d like. We hope you enjoy making this craft, and don’t forget to tag us on social media #fabdabdo_ as we’d love to see your designs.