These simple DIY craft activities use our Jubilee stencil, and are great to decorate your street party or garden, or to wear with your handmade t-shirt – turning a simple tee into a fabulous costume. Great props to add to your dressing-up box or party kit, and made using easy-to-find and recyclable materials. Read below for instructions on making Union Jack bunting, cake toppers and a wearable crown! You will need:

You will need:

• Fab Dab Do Jubilee stencil
• White card
• Felt pens/colouring crayons
• String
• Tape
• Scissors
• Toothpicks
• Sharp pencil
• Blu-tac 

  • Secure the stencil to the card using our stencil tape or low-tac washi tape.
  • Colour in the Union Jack heart using red and blue felt pens or crayons.
  • Repeat this until you have enough to make a length of bunting – we made 8 hearts but you could double this if you want the decoration to be longer.
  • Carefully cut out the hearts.
  • Make small holes in each side of the hearts by pushing a sharp pencil through the card, with a ball of blu-tac underneath (we found a hole punch was too large). 
  • Thread the hearts through a piece of string or bakers twine (we used red/white to keep with the theme).
  • Your bunting is ready to hang on the wall!
  • Move the hearts along the string until you get them equal distance apart.
  • Make cake toppers with the hearts or ’70’ stencil using the same techniques as above, and taping a cocktail stick to the back.
  • Create a wearable crown by colouring in the crown stencil on a piece of card, cut it out and attach a thin strip of card around the back using tape (measure on the child’s head before sticking down). 

Extra ideas:

  • Make invitations and posters for your street or garden parties.
  • Use the stencil with face paints to add decoration to your face or arms.
  • Use our Alphabet stencils to add a message on the back of your tee and create your own Jubilee memorabilia.
  • Order extra plain t-shirts and get family, friends or the whole community creating their party outfits!