Christmas Traditional stencil kit – creating mix-and-match sets for the whole family

Our Christmas Traditional stencil kit is really versatile and value-for-money, combining a stencil full of iconic festive motifs such as baubles, stockings, candy canes, fairy lights and trees, along with our full Alphabet and Numbers stencil set. This is a really fun activity for the whole family to get involved in, and you can order extra plain t-shirts to make gifts for all your friends and family. We’ve taken inspiration from Fair Isle and Nordic jumpers, and used repeat patterns, stripes, motifs and borders to create four different t-shirt designs. We’ve shown you how to create these looks below, but there really is no right or wrong way to print your tee – use your imagination and creativity to design your own totally unique handmade t-shirt. 

Ho Ho Ho!

We created a circular motif for this design using a plate as a template. We marked out dots around the outside using the fabric pen, which we then printed over with the candy cane stencil. We added lettering inside, and stars and snowflakes around the pattern. To print single snowflakes, we masked off the the pattern around it using the stencil tape, so it only printed that one image – a technique that can be used with all of our stencils. 

Up To Snow Good

For this design, we took inspiration from pyjama and baseball tops with printed/coloured sleeves. We used the stencil tape to mask off a diagonal line from the collar to under the arm. We then printed a pattern of the snowflake and star stripes all the way along this section. We added a humorous slogan to the centre of the t-shirt using our Alphabet stencils, and played with colours to accentuate the ‘NO’ in snow. Remember to wait for the paint to dry before taking off the tape.

Fair Isle stripes

This t-shirt is simply made up of stripes of different motifs and patterns found on the stencil. We repeated the tree, bauble and stocking images across the chest, in-between stripes of the stars and snowflakes. In the centre we added the date using the Number stencils.

Hanging baubles

This design is a really simple all-over ‘spot’ pattern using a single bauble motif that has been printed randomly across the t-shirt. We kept the colour simple, and added a single red bauble as the ‘odd one out’. Finally, we used the black fabric pen to draw wavy horizontal stripes that joined up the baubles to look like they are hanging on a string. 

The stencil kit comes with festive green, red, blue and yellow fabric paint – but you can mix these by simply over-dabbing the colours on the fabric to add lots more to your design ( for example green + yellow = light green, red + yellow = orange, red + blue = purple). Just remember to give the sponge on the bottles a quick wipe clean ready to use again.

Have fun, and don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts so we can see what you’ve made #fabdabdo_