Baby Showers

Are you planning a baby shower and wondering how to make it a unique and special event? Our baby shower decorating craft box comes with vests to decorate and everything you need to inject some colour and fun into your party! 

Inside the starter box you will find 3 organic baby vests 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months, ten fabric paint dabbers, two stencils, alphabet and numerical stencils, three black fabric pens for detail and stencil tape to stop everything wobbling around. All you have to do is set your table up and let the fun commence!

You can choose the stencil theme design from our adorable range of Jungle, Dinosaurs or Woodland Creatures.  We include a set of alphabet and number stencils because these are great for adding personal messages too for mums, dads, brothers and sisters. You could make a “Number 1 Grandma!” t-shirt, or a “Baby’s First Christmas” design. Let your creativity shine!

The paints come in a wide range of colours and go a long way so there’s plenty of paint in the dabbers if you if want to add additional baby grows, dresses or sleepsuits to decorate. 

Not only does this make a fun activity for the day, but also a great alternative to baby shower presents. The arts and crafts activity will result in a selection of new baby clothes that are totally one-of-a-kind.

After the baby shower, Mum will be left with the bundle box full of stencils and paints, with plenty of materials left for other arts and crafts projects. You could use the stencils to decorate the baby’s room, make thank you cards for your guests, or all kinds of other artwork for the new parents and baby to enjoy. 

You can add to your baby shower party kit with additional baby cloths, fabric pens which take the designers to the next level and a more stencils.  Just jump over to the Shop and pick and choose to build your kit so that you’ll be fully kitted out for hours of entertainment at your special baby shower. 


  • 3 white baby vest – 0-3months, 3-6months, 6-12months
  • Two stencils based on your chosen theme
  • A full set of alphabet stencils and 0-9 numerical stencils
  • 2 x rolls of Stencil Tape
  • 3 x black fabric pens
  • 10 Fab Dab Do paint dabbers